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Are you a webmaster? Then you're probably interested in the latest news about professional web design and development. Or, what is becoming increasingly important, email security and network security management.

Are you a systems administrator at an ISP? Or maybe you have your own web design small business, or are involved with web design. Then you know that your job is to provide web technology that assists your company or clients in the marketing and selling of their products and services.

The Web Server Times is here to provide you with information about the hot technologies that you need to know - and where to get them!

This site concerns itself with the web server, the box that links your site or business, or both, to the world wide web. We feature articles on how to manage it, secure it, and design pages that will attract visitors and turn them into buyers.

You might say you're not selling anything? Well, maybe you have a charity you want to promote or an opinion that you want to express. (If you think about it that way, then everybody has something they want to "sell".)

The current downsizings and reorganizations that are taking place in the IT industry are effecting large corporations as well as small businesses. We'll focus on these issues and their possible solutions, such as server optimization methods and shared services groups, and how they can contribute to your ROI.

The emphasis here is on content, not hype, and the site is updated on a regular basis with new articles.

Forward by Rick Contrata:

In July of 2007, The Apogee Netwide Group purchased the rights to the Web Server Times domain name and all its website content.  

The Web Server Times has been archiving its webmaster content since launching in 2002.  The  acquisition by the Apogee Netwide Group and recent update to the site will allow continued access to these well written articles by the former owner of the Web Server Times, Roy Troxel.

We will continue to build on the original theme and add some new twists like video, downloads, interactive webmaster tools, more articles on the basics of web design, SEO, marketing and copywriting.  Enjoy...

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