Platinax - Helping Businesses Increase Their Web Presence

Platinax is a new resource site that aims to help businesses increase their Web presence and revenue. There are probably dozens of other sites that intend to do this, but I think Platinax has a very orginal format that sets it apart.

It's a growing interactive community, with posts provided by people who are already succeeding online in their chosen areas. If you're looking to get a new business off the ground, you'll find the discussions very lively and helpful at Platinax. The topics include marketing, SEO, new technology and Web security - all discussed from a distinctly entrepeneurial viewpoint.

Platinax is owned by Brian Turner, whose news posts are among the best features of the site. Turner assiduously reads all the financial and tech news he can and then condenses it into brief, readable pieces, for your quick daily consumption. He also knows how to separate news from opinion - something rare in the world of blogging.

Although it has a large database of information, this is also one of the more easily navigable sites. You can easily locate its news, articles, and forums. It's an excellent resource for any small business on the Web.

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