Network Analysis: Current ROI Issues in Research & Development

Network analysis, as it pertains to ROI for your IT company or department, should begin with a brief review of some facts about the current state of research and development in the IT industry:

R&D since the end of the IT boom has taken a new direction. It has an effect on a company's stock value. If the company isn't innovating then the stock goes down, because inverstors perceive that the compant isn't doing aything except selling old products.

Some observers feel that research is the lifeblood of the IT industry, and there is a large element of truth to this belief. However,R&D should be motivated by the needs of the customers, and the current IT slump is causing IT companies to re-organize their R & D.

With all the money being made (and loaned) during the 1990s, R & D departments had fabulous budgets to continue experiments in a bell-jar environment. Today, however, the research scientists are no longer being left alone to deal with hypothetical issues, but now deal with more ad hoc issues. (For example, security has become a major issue.) Instead of just throwing money at IT projects, businesses are being forced to think.

This situation has led to greater concern about technology transfer; that is, bringing experimental ideas to market.

--Roy Troxel

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