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Download The Greatest Sales Letters Ever Written - A collection of the greatest sales letters ever written.  Including two famous sales letters, The Wall Street Journal, "Two Young Men" sales copy and the Newsweek, "If Your Name Is On This Letter" direct mail piece.

Download Copywriting Secrets of a Notorious Marketing Genius - John Carlton and Perry Marshall discuss the secrets of master copywriting and sales.

Download Wordtracker Tutorial - An older guide, but still one of the best tutorials on how to get the most out of Wordtracker's keyword research tool.

Download the 7 Secrets to Maximum Sales - In this report, by Yanik Silver, discover the 7 hidden psychological secrets to maximizing sales

Download Click Fraud White Paper - My good friend and colleague, Michael Bloch of Taming  The Beast, has written what is considered to be one of the foremost references on click fraud. It's an easy to read white paper on this dicey subject.

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