EZ Generator WYSIWIG Website Building & Editing Software Review

EZ Generator currently doesn’t have an affiliate program, so you won’t find any affiliate links (cloaked or otherwise) embedded in this article.  So why did I feel the need to write this review?

Because EZGenerator does what it claims it can do for the people who would have a need for what it does and I own it.  Sound confusing?  It won’t be after you read on.

I'll let you in on a little secret about this software in a minute, but...

Some parts of this review might seem a little sarcastic, condescending and a bit ornery, but I’m not going to sugar coat the facts.  Facts like that there are still delusional people out there who think you can easily lose weight overnight, in your sleep, just by taking a pill and that there is website building software that’s 100% idiot proof.  Keep dreaming.

It doesn’t matter what website building and editing software you choose, you’ll need basic PC and word processing skills, the desire to learn how to FTP documents and work with files on a web hosting server. 

In addition, unless you’re just looking to publish a cheesy one-page sales letter or a static online business card, you’ll need to learn some basic HTML.  You’ll need to learn this if you want a contemporary website that uses today’s web capabilities including scripts, flash and other multimedia like YouTube Video. 

A really good resource site with lots of cut and paste scripts is Dynamic Drive.

The bottom line is this.  With EZ Generator website building software you don’t have to know HTML, but with some basic, self taught HTML skills, you can re-create the functionality of Yahoo, and plenty of other top sites on the Internet.  Nuff said.

First, if you’re looking to purchase WYSIWIG website building software, beware of reading outdated online reviews. is a popular review and information site that uses so-called experts (except they call them guides). 

The problem is that it’s painfully obvious in some cases the guide never actually used the product in question.  Another problem is obsolete reviews that were published about the time Jesus left Chicago.  This means some of the guides spend little time updating their information. 

Unfortunately, in the case of the EZ Generator review on, it was probably written using a very early beta version and includes now erroneous claims about the lack of a spell checker, among other inaccuracies. 

In addition, for the reviewer to claim not to know that the “Publish” icon would upload the site to a server seems kind of a “DUH” given the fact that the review was for website building software.  The reviewer then babbled on about spyware fears.

Tucows gives the software 5 out of 5 stars.  The review gets …Ummm,  no stars.

PS ...EZGenerator "does" have a spell checker and a thesaurus.

Now let’s talk about the software.

Ease of use and convenience – I’d like to get to my only real complaint about the software out of the way first.  The control interface drop-down menus and icons will take some practice before you’ll get the hang of it.  Part of the problem, which I think is unavoidable, is because there so many features and functions available with this software.

I found it to be a minor inconvenience when you find out that without knowing HTML, you can add images, video, audio, text and scripts with a click of your mouse.

You can set up a login function that allows you to edit pages online from any PC.  This feature is very convenient for sites that need constant updating or for giving editing permissions to other people.

The built in image editor is pretty powerful and gives you the ability to crop, add effects, add text and manipulate an images properties.  The image slide-show function is a good as anything available in a site building software program.

The text editor is as easy to use as any word processor.  It includes the ability to create customized font rules for size and color.  The function icons have scroll-over captions that identify the function of each icon on the interface.

You can insert anything from HTML code to scripts, images, flash objects, special characters like trademark and copyright symbols and more.

The site structure is simple to set up.  It’s very similar to the folder tree you see in Windows Explorer.  The page navigation is all done by the software via links.  It also generates its own XML sitemap.

User TIP: Backup your website files onto a USB memory stick drive frequently.  Updating your site is fast and easy with EZ Generator, but because your website files sit on your hard drive, there’s always the chance of a hard drive crash. 

If that happens, you’ll need to re-create the site on your PC again by downloading the site’s files from the hosting account’s server.  Make full backups of your site and save yourself possible headaches down the road.

How could anything be more basic? – If you can’t get the hang of using EZ Generator software, then you should really consider another hobby, line of work or have someone else design your website for you.

Website launching tools – EZ Generator has a built in FTP function, so publishing your site is as easy as using any other FTP software.  All you need to know is your hosting account details and some familiarity with FTPing documents up to a server.

SEO – Search engine optimization is a key ingredient to your site's ability to get traffic.  EZGenerator has the functionality and tools that make it very search engine friendly.  Obviously the sitemap generator is helpful, but any seasoned SEO person knows that the basics like title, meta description, H1, alt image tags and file names are where the rubber meets the road and EZG doesn’t disappoint here.

The software gives you the ability to customize and alter all of these areas to suite your SEO requirements. 

Some other goodies include:

. Built in Search Function

. PHP contact pages with image capcha anti-spam protection

. Test server available.  You don’t even need a hosting account until you launch your site.

. Rich in image editing tools and access to free stock images.

. Podcasting, RSS Publisher, Calendar and Guestbook

. Full e-commerce capabilities

Software support – The EZ Generator help files provide answers to most basic questions about what the software can and cannot do, how the software works and how to use it.  Like any product that has a lot of elements and capabilities, not everything is covered in the FAQ and online user manual. 

No problem.  There are plenty of video tutorials available for a lot of the more daunting tasks like  maximizing the use of images, implementing blogs, adding contact forms and setting up your own online e-commerce store.

If you’re ever at your wits end, they have an online support forum that’s actually supported by real people.  They post answers to your questions within 24 hours, even helping you to resolve basic issues related to site design and customization.

If this suspiciously sounds like a glowing review, you got me.  It is… On a part time basis, since April of 2007, to the date of this review; October, 2007, I’ve launched 4 websites using this software.  Total pages online: about 750.  One site alone is over 400 pages.

Who is this software best suited for? For novices and anyone seriously challenged in HTML or web design who wants a professional looking website and have control over the site design, concept and updates.  Can also be used by professionals to quickly design, upload and update client websites.   

I was once in the same boat as you.  With very limited HTML skills and realistic expectations, I wanted an easy to use WYSIWIG website building software program that would allow me to publish professional looking SEO friendly websites.

But that’s just me.  Most, if not all of the WYSIWIG website building software programs have a free trial.  If you’ve got a basic design concept, then download any of these free trials and try them yourself.  But you couldn’t convince me there’s a better deal out there than EZ Generator …at any price.

Pros: Support, Support, Support, Free upgrades, SEO friendly, Adsense friendly, over 3,000 templates, Quick-start project wizard.

Cons: Getting used to navigating the interface has a learning curve.  Templates are not fully customizable, but with over 3,000 to choose from and an option to start from scratch with a blank page, there’s a solution for almost any design concept.

Oh, almost forgot about that secret.  Well, this site was re-designed using EZGenerator software.

For more information and your Free trial, go to: EZGenerator 

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5/5 stars

By: Rick Contrata

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